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Amusement Park and Botany Garden

Inle Tourism Park Project

Tradition and cultures passed down through generations have become an invaluable treasure where no others could take….
Inle Lake, being one of the major tourist attractions, along with the people of the Inle Lake, the Intha, possess one of the rarest culture and tradition where outsiders wish to travel to and explore….
By understanding and respecting the local culture, a design was catered to respond with the physical context.

We, 24 Hour construction company limited are working the Inle Tourism Park Project at Southern Shan State. It is about 300 acres.

Mango and Eucalyptus Plantation

Mango and Eucalyptus Plantation

Atro has 1100 Acres Farm in Yauk Sauk Township, Indaw Region, Southern Shan State, in which 500 acres of Mango Farm, 500 acres of Eucalyptus Farm and 100 acres Farm planted others.

NoType of PlantPlanted Area (Acres)Unplanted Area (Acres)Projected Area (Acres)
3Other Plants
(Coffee, Dragon Fruit, Macadamia)

Road Construction

We, 24 Hour construction company limited are doing the development for landfill embankment and reclamation work in Sittwe, Rakhine State. After that, we build the concrete road on reclamation ground. It is about 9.92 km long, Drain is 17.82 km and side walk is 2.0 km.

Site Location

Landfill embankment and reclamation

Concrete Road Construction


We process our agricultural products as raw material and then process them to make ready use products. Our ready use products will be distributed to local and oversea


Atro’s teak farm is located in Phyu Township, Bago Region for 500 acres.

Teak Plantation 1 Acre Cash flow (USD)




  • Location : Yephyu Village, Tanintharyi Township, Myeik district, Tanintharyi Division.
  • Total Land Area : 8700 acres
  • Planted area : 4500 acres
  • Harvest : 3500 acres
  • FFB Yield Percentage : 10 ton/acre (25 ton/ hectare)
  • Annual Revenue : 4-5 million USD per annum
  • Expected revenue : 10-12 million USD/annual start from 2020
  • Future Plan : 10-30 ton/hour CPO Mill and 50 ton/day Refinery Mill


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Palm Oil Plantation

This land bank of 3000 acres is located in Tanintharyi Township, Myeik District,Tanintharyi Region.

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Mango and AvoCado Farm

This farm also 3000 acres including mango farm 1000 acres and avocado farm 2000 acres located in Yauk Sauk Township, Indaw Region, Southern Shan State.

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Teak Wood PLantation

This area (500 acres) located in Bago Mountain Range above sea level 1000 ft, Phyu Township, Bago Division Myanmar teak wood is the "Best and Premium Quality" around the world. So called Golden Teak.

Agro 24 comprises of 2 sites in the Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar with a total area of 5,000 ha with Site A 3,600 ha and Site B 1,400 ha. Agro 24 plan to develop the unplanted landbank of 1,000ha, expand up to an additional 5,000 ha, and build a Crude Palm Oil Mill near the existing plantations. Agro 24 currently has an average yield of 12MT/ha and projected yield of 25MT/ha (5MT CPO/ha).

Project locationTanintahryi Township, Myeik district, Tanintharyi Region
Total Land Area12355 acres (5000 Ha)
Planted Area9884 acres (4000 Ha)
Harvest7413 acres (3000 Ha)
FFB Yield Percentage10 ton/acre (25 ton/ hectare)
Annual Revenue5-6 million USD per annum
Expected revenue10-12 million USD/annual start from 2020
Future Plan10-30 ton/hour CPO Mill and 50 ton/day Refinery Mill

Good Location with ideal soil condition

Located in Tanintharyi Region which is an ideal location given good soil quality, flat terrain, and accessibility to ASEAN Highway

Superior Planting Material

Uses planting material from ASD Costa Rica and CIRAD to produce optimal yield from xperienced plantation management

Favorable Myanmar Palm Oil Industry

CPO demand in Myanmar has increased due to the growing economy and is expected to continue to import CPO



We, Tour 24 Hour Company Limited are start working the Hotel Project since 2015.


The 24 Hour Mining & Industry Company Limited has got the GRANT from the Number 3, Ministry of Mine, Head of Mining Department, and the Republic of Myanmar for the area 2880 acre Lime stone Query on 21 October 2013 for a period of 10 Years started from 16 September 2013 to 15 September 2023. The contract is extendable for twice with a period of 10 years each. The project is located at the Nga Wun Chaung Area, Tanintharyi Township, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar.

10 TPH CPO Mill

We are planning to build 10 TPH CPO Mill near our oil palm farm within two years. We harvest the Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) from our oil palm farm and directly delivery to our CPO Mill factory.